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New dream groups are offered periodically and are scheduled based on the availability of prospective participants. To be considered for the next group, please call, text, or email me at the information above to  be placed on the waitlist. 

"Sanity is madness put to good uses; waking life is a dream controlled."

- George Santayana

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In the tradition of depth psychology, dreams are understood to be symbolic representations of unconscious processes. Working a dream is like decoding a riddle, and in the process of wrestling with the imagery, we begin to grasp that which is stirring in our depths, lurking just below the threshold of our awareness. We learn to recognize parts of ourselves that had previously been repressed or disavowed, or discover wholly new developments, new longings, aspirations, discontents, wounds, sources of healing and inspiration. We come to know ourselves more fully, and thereby show up more fully in the world, enriching our relationships with others. 

Dream groups provide a safe and confidential container to explore the depths of our being in a community of like-minded individuals. Rarely in our contemporary society are we presented with opportunities to lay our soul bare and be witnessed by another in the process. To be witnessed in this way can feel raw and vulnerable, but with that vulnerability comes the opportunity for profound healing and validation. It also creates a deep sense of belongingness and a soulful sense of community within the group. 



Dream groups are limited to five participants and follow a 12-week, closed-group format. This means that you will be meeting with the same five people each week for the duration of the group, allowing the group to develop a safe and intimate atmosphere, a better understanding of the life context of each dreamer, and the ability to recognize and explore longer-term trends and developing themes within each member's dream life.​

Dream groups meet for two hours each week over Zoom video conferencing. Fees will be collected via PayPal at the time of each session, and the cost is $100/session. You will not be charged for sessions you cannot attend, though everyone is encouraged to make their best commitment to attending each week to preserve the quality of the group. 


A typical session will involve one group member sharing their dream, followed by a group discussion exploring the potential meanings that the dream might hold. The discussion will be structured around core principles of dream work in the depth psychological tradition - such as associations, amplifications, and active imagination - which I will be teaching throughout the course of the group. When the dreamer arrives at a felt sense of the dream's implications, the group will assist the dreamer in exploring ways to integrate the new insights into daily life. 

As a result of tending to their dreams, it is not uncommon for group members to experience profound shifts in their attitude and habitual orientation to the world. It is my hope that as an outcome of this 12-week group, each member has evolved into a closer approximation of their best possible self.


By the end of the group, you will possess the necessary tools to continue this journey by tending to your own dreams. 


Dreams provide symbolic messages, given to us from the deepest part of our being—the part which transcends everyday waking reality and connects us directly with Being itself. Because of their symbolic nature, we never really know what kind of information or awareness will arise out of working a dream, and it is not uncommon for a dream to bring up some of our core psychological wounds. This can be profoundly healing, but it can also produce vulnerability and discomfort. It is therefore of the upmost importance that everyone in the group co-create a reliable, safe, supportive, and respectful environment for each other. The following norms and intentions will help ensure group cohesion and a positive experience for all:


  • Sacred Space. Dream work connects us more deeply to ourselves, to each other, and to the mystery of Being. To best facilitate this connection, we ask that you treat our time together as a sacred space, which means respecting the process, arriving on time each week, and participating with a commitment to your own psychospiritual growth.

  • Confidentiality. What is shared in the group must stay in the group. Getting the most out of a dream requires candid and authentic dialogue, and that can only happen when each member can trust in the safety and confidentiality of the group as a whole.

  • Orderly Dialogue. Dream work evokes exciting ideas, and the group welcomes everyone’s ideas and input when a dream is being explored. We only ask they be given one at a time, and with a non-judgmental, respectful sensitivity to the dreamer and their process.

  • Respect for the Dreamer. As a group we will discuss the meaning of dreams. The question of whether or not we have arrived at the “right” meaning will always be answered by the dreamer, not the facilitators or other group members. There is often an emotional sense of gravitas when an interpretation “hits home,” and only the dreamer can know/experience this shift.

  • Reverence for the Dream. Whether blissful or horrifying, dream images appear exactly when and how they need to. It is important for the dreamer and the rest of the group to suspend judgment and approach each image with curiosity and a beginner’s mind.

*While I am a licensed psychotherapist in North Carolina, dream groups are NOT psychotherapy (though they are often quite therapeutic) and are open to anyone, regardless of residence.

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